7 thoughts on “Corridor

  1. Oof… just wrote out a long comment which the computer ate up. Anyway:

    Thinking about how these are presented. So many ways to ‘show’ photographs these days. Do you usually use both still and video on a project?

    These are so great. Although not literally ‘industrial’ (right), makes me think of industrial – Age of Steel – iconography. art history brainstorming…

    Tatlin counter relief

    Bourke White Dam

    Dallas’s own, unrecognized history in auto manufacturing (i.e. the paradigm case of ‘industry’ and ‘machine age’ iconography)

    Brecht / Benjamin on Krupp works – to be honest, kind of annoying to me how much this is quoted

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    1. Interesting question: my video is typically composed from stills, built from the frame out, so it exists in a kind of gray area. I usually show photos or slides with the videos when doing installation- these being the actual components used to create the animations. Thank you so much for passing on these links as well- I hadn’t made enough connections to industrial iconography before, and will look more into this. I was thinking about time theory/discipline and E.P Thompson’s writing though:


  2. …also, your comment on the Benjamin made me laugh- I was at a conference once where this was almost brought up in some way every other presentation. That, and the word, “constellation.” It was eerie.


  3. Time discipline – thanks… Neat… I can see how that would connect to Circuit (for example), but here not as obvious? Hmmm… Eager to see an installation at the next chance.

    Benjamin – I think that has to do with people feeling guilty about enjoying the “luxury” of art and thinking that the experience of art is false, if it isn’t socially critical. …


    1. Yeah, I am in my head of course about the process I’ve been working on so the connection is clearer to me. The photos above, rough sketches really, are only a part of the (potential) moving image work. I see each image as a discrete unit in building towards movement with single frame animation. What I am centered in on is the structure necessary to create this movement, and how this traditionally follows (and how I can break) its own sort of ‘discipline’ through people’s expectations of what constitutes a ‘normal’ moving image. More generally, I try to explore the ability of both moving and static images to keep time. My last longer video has a section I dedicated to considering this- the shots taking place at a port with multiple time scales moving throughout scenes.

      password – kier

      …can’t remember if I had passed that film on to you before or not. Along the same lines, I was considering some of Vitkine’s work- specifically the industrial stuff:

      …also, I had a back-and-forth not too long ago with another artist on some similar topics- moving into ideas of rhythm, music and time too. May be a kind of boring read though!

      Re: Benjamin- I am curious what your opinion is on Claire Bishop’s take on social critique in participatory art?


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