Standing Wave

“If they built this in Austin it would be packed”


5 thoughts on “Standing Wave

  1. Again, gorgeous…

    I feel like it’s possible to get real philosophical about a standing wave… what is a standing wave actually? 

    I’ve been thinking about this idea of “landscape” as it comes out in the context of contemporary life… If you go back historically and ask “what is a landscape” you find that it something antithetical to urban, modern, industrial spaces…

    But apparently, the urge for ‘natural landscape’ is so irrepressible that there is a constant urge to imitate or recreate “landscapes” in the most “un-natural” urban places, i.e. parks and gardens. Everybody knows about urban parks and gardens, but how much have we really considered their implications for our idea of what is a ‘landscape’?

    Simone Nieweg

    Paley Park

    Schoeneberger Sudgelaende

    Gas Works Park

    Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord


    1. Thank you for passing these on! Re: parks- some of the context I was thinking about these things:

      Jane Jacobs

      Simon Schama

      Denis E. Cosgrove

      Favorite readers:

      Frank Gohlke

      …and various J.B. Jackson, and Yi-Fu Tuan’s writing, esp. Topophilia and Rebecca Solnit’s Storming the Gates of Paradise.


    2. …also, we’ll have to talk more about this space sometime, maybe even go out there together. If you haven’t been with JW before, it is great for the kids since they can run in any direction without running into anything as long as they stay away from the river. I was going to this space every day for a while this spring. I grew convinced it was one of the great sculpture parks of the world. I don’t think many people will even consider it this way though- most are focused on the removal of the wave park. I think the wave park is an amazing sculpture if nothing else, and I would be really sad to see it removed.


  2. Would love to visit. Meet up? Also, I love that list of links. What do you think – are there particular concepts from these thinkers that are most applicable to this place?


    Earthworks? Land art? Makes me think about whether Dallas is “the West” (in the canonical Earth Art sense of “The West”). Can’t remember if we’ve discussed, but I really think a big part of Dallas identity comes from being at the intersection of the Midwest, the Southwest and the Southeast. If you go in any direction to the next big city, you are no longer at the intersection of all those three. (i.e. Oklahoma: not the Southeast. Memphis: not the Southwest. Austin/Houston: not the Midwest. But Dallas is all three…

    Can’t remember if I told you about my old friend Nick before? He lives in Southern Cal and is a big fan of a lot of these things. (Also I sent him links to your work and he liked it too)


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